7". Juli 2001. Drone Records. DR-51

First edition limited to 250 copies. Pressed on black vinyl. Comes in a clear sleeve with a hand-signed metal plate and an one sided 7" sized info-sheet.
Vorderseite "Quantenengel"
Rückseite "Quantenengel"

A1 Quantenengel
B2 Subdruese

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[multer] - Quantenengel

[multer] - Subdruese


Auf der Quantenengel-Single, erschienen auf dem Ambient-Label Drone Records, zeigen sich [multer] dann von ihrer zurückhaltenden Seite. Man entwirft minimalistische Sound-Gebilde, in denen verschiedene Klangschichten gegeneinander ausgespielt werden, sich addieren und wieder entschwinden. Diese Musik ist wie geschaffen für die ruhigen Momente im Alltag, in denen man sich Zeit nehmen kann und einfach seinen Gedanken freien Raum lässt. (revelation)

The German Multer provide one of the latest releases from Drone with this new 7". Having a past which has established them as part of the German electronic and ambient experimental scene, with a selection of releases on their own label Genesungswerk Multer and the CoC label of Cranioclast under the name ABGS. This two track 7" comes on black vinyl and maintaining their habit of releasing cassettes in metal-cases this comes with a metal-plate sleeve. The first side is Quantenengel, which develops from layers of high pulses which pierce and insinuate to become a drift drone structure. There are micro sounds which pitter and patter in decorative measures, little details within the sighing ambience of the swelling bass pattern that has unfolded. As these waves waver the high chiming pulses mix back again in contrast, extracted at times into a more shrill feel. Past 5 minutes this has a plaintive feel, strained and worn, while blips Morse code a coherence through a central path. Coming off the edge of a gong stroke comes the tonal introduction of Subdruse, extracting into a fade. This repeats in light strokes, shimmering outward passages. Sighing drones offer a bass accompaniment, subtle additions to the flow. Growing in a slow welling to provide a warm depth of sound. As this layers lightly there are muttering vocals which weave a sense of mystery and something more into the whole. (remote induction).

Multer is the new face of the band previously known as A.B.G.S., released some CDs on highly admired Coitras Clan (CoC) label, using the industrial machinery of wasted plants as the main instruments and source of inspiration. Changing the name was followed with style changing - from primitivism of tribal percussion to the imaginary world of electronic sound. An exceptionally artificial, abstract style of composition (i.e. without any links to the really existing acoustic analogs) caused difficulties to describe it correctly, but therefore I think this is the most successfull Drone releases up to date. The single is placed on the glossy metal plate (following the tradition of their home label, Genesungwerk, packaging tapes in metal boxes). Inside the empty room created by hall of huge and spacious bell, various microscopic sounds are born, interferring and diluting continuously. The timescape is slowed down to the zero-point, but sounds seems to re-establish, re-create it from the pieces. The action never stopping, new sounds and echoes are passing along, sometime very quiet and scarce, sometime disturbing and suggestive. The spirit of total weirdness is hidden in very groove of this record from beginning to the end. (svalemor.chat.ru)